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Street Wear Origins

BY : Romano Castillo

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Where did street wear originated? Was it in the Western countries like the USA or the asian giants, Japan?

The debate will be never ending and we would not know where it originated but a sure thing is that it started in the age where people have their own ideals and do not follow traditional rules. They wanted to express their true selves and not afraid to break a few rules while at it. This was the age where people could say or wear anything without being thrown into jail. (Well most of the time.)

street wear

The 1970s & 1980s was the golden age, the age of street wear where it started. Street wear which means the 'fashion of streets' meaning more freedom on what to wear. It was much more influenced by its surroundings like, California's surf as well as skate scenes. Japanese as well came up with this new style by designing more appealing unique design features which were equally costly. This influenced the new clothing trend thus its fast adoption to the rest of the world. More over by mid 90's this kind of clothing had firmly made its way to the world market with Europe catching on last.

Street wear is really fantastic. Why? Because nobody can say they invented it, the ideas of styles really comes from the individual, YOU. What you choose or make your street wear is all yours & when it gets trending after to market it, the credit goes to you.

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