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Street Wear Does Not Have To Be Expensive!

BY : Romano Castillo

Street Wear Does Not Have To Be Expensive!

Making Sense!

Finding the cheapest apparel to suit your fashion style does not have to be expensive especially if you are on a tight budget.

Paying for high end stuff and thinking it will look good on you does not cut it nor does it make any sense. Much like working on a project or finding the cheapest car insurance, you need to do research. 

Go to clothing stores to compare prices, look at the design, the material and the price. Does a branded mid quality overpriced jacket that cost $750 make any sense? Of course not! 

How about a unknown brand, not really good quality material but its design looks not so bad and it cost $50 bucks. Heck! I'll buy it right now if i can!

I try to compare price, design & quality and make a decision with my sense.

A compromise between these three points means you can actually purchase more apparel.

Make it Work!

Yes you purchase the $50 jacket rather than the $750 one, Congratulations! You made a savings.

It may not look as good or high quality as the expensive one but you can definitely make it work. With the money you saved, you could get pants, shoes, backpacks etc to compliment the jacket.

Repeat what you did with the jacket on your search for other apparel and what do you have?

You have saved a lot of money and you still look good!

Remember your fashion sense express your individuality. It shows out your character & personality.