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Korean Street Style Photographers To Follow

Romano Castillo on
Korean Street Style Photographers To Follow

Korean street style is on point, and not just during fashion week. Korean culture places a lot of emphasis on appearance and looking proper and pulled together, but that doesn't mean outfits have to be bland and preppy. There's plenty of experimentation happening on the streets of Seoul right now.

Since I don't live in Korea, I've had to rely on the Internet to help me find outfit inspiration, and lucky for me, and all others who want to follow Seoul's stye mavens, South Korea has the world's fastest wireless Internet connection. Over 97 percent of the population owns smartphones, so hip outfits can be spotted, snapped, and sent out to the world in a matter of seconds. Even better, there are hundreds of bloggers and photographers out on the streets capturing these trends and outfits for the rest of us to gawk at and study and try to replicate.

But delving into the Korean blogosphere can be intimidating, especially if you don't speak the language. To get you started, here are seven Korean street style photographers who capture the day-to-day creativity of Korean fashionistas.


1. Halo People (Kyung-hun Kim)




2. Jae-doo Lee




3. SOL-SOL Street Style




4. Alex Finch




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