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Differences between Korean and Japanese Street Fashion

Romano Castillo on
Differences between Korean and Japanese Street Fashion

When it comes to streetwear, Asian brands are dominating the fashion world. Two countries, in particular, Korea and Japan, have become global trendsetters in street fashion.

Although Korea and Japan are located very close to each other, you will find that their fashion styles are very different.

Korean fashion is all the same?




Until a few years ago, there is a popular saying that the fashion sense of koreans is very similar. Meaning that everyone wears very similar clothing style.

This might be because korean fashion was more associated with casual women fashion in the past.

But as streetwear becomes the new norm in Korea, this stereotype is gradually changed, with more local designer brands showcasing their different personality and concept.


Japanese fashion is all anime style?

For Japanese fashion, it is no cookie cutter fashion. With their colorful anime style clothing, Harajuku fashion might first come to mind.

However, this style is more niche, and the typical Japanese might wear something that range from cute style to something like Muji style.

Are you also curious about the difference between Japanese and Korean fashion?


Korean Fashion




The notion of korean fashion used to be associated only with Dongdaemun fashion style. This is the typical blouse, skirt, dress style that cater more to females. Think cute tennis skirts.

However, as the korean music industry aka kpop gain popularity, its fashion style is also changed.

Influence of k-pop on korean fashion

You would have realized that Kpop music does not sound very Asian per se. In fact, the elements are very inspired by Western rap and hip-hop.




Inevitably, hip-hop-inspired clothing like oversized T-shirts and hoodies start to become the norm. People like it for the comfortable yet stylish streetwear look. It also confers them a unique personality.

Currently, Korean streetwear fashion is best described as edgy chic. You’ll see two main types of K-fashion: classic-elegant and urban-edgy.

Not standalone fashion style




Classic elegant refers to the Dongdaemun fashion style and urban edgy refers to the korean streetwear fashion.

These are not standalone fashion style though. Koreans sometimes combine them. For example, many girls pair oversized hoodies/T-shirts with form-fitting jeans or skirts.

In essence, K-fashion is relatively more conservative in terms of designs and colors. It values simplicity and refined styles.

With long legs are an ideal Korean beauty standard, you will also find many short skirts as the fashion trend.

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On the next blog we will discuss on Japanese street fashion and see the differences. Stay Tune!


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