December 07, 2018 2 min read

street wear fashion


Before we discuss this topic, i would like to take your attention to understand what urban street style is. 

As googled, the meaning is "born of the street". A specific look that emerges from the streets & neighborhoods as opposed what "normal" or "decent" fashion dictates from societies from yesteryear. Now in this modern era, street wear styles are accepted being the "norm", matter a fact you can wear them on almost every occasion.

So how does street style being born into this world? Simply put it, this style is created by people just wearing stuff without even knowing it. Let me paint you an example, as an engineer myself, i was wearing overalls and safety boots at work and then i'll change back to my blue jeans and T-shirt and hop back home after work. During one occasion while i was in a rush heading back home, i wore my white overall pants, an army issued black mesh sport sneakers and had a company issued navy blue polyester rainproof hooded light weight jacket (it was raining). While i was getting out of the car, a neighbor spotted me and asked me where did i bought my outfit cause he like it. I was surprised but told him they were all free of charge, all company issued except for my army sneakers.

"Ta da" like magic, a style was born without even knowing it! And it was definitely born from the streets. My point is to not try to go your way and purposely creating a style but just being yourself and let it flow. Wear what you want, experiment without having a goal in set.