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Can Street Wear Be More Executive Looking?

BY : Romano Castillo

Yes it can! With your own twist of flavor. It certainly can be a colorful one as well.

I personally do not prefer to look too executive, like i am going to office for a big meeting but sort of a cross between casual Fridays and feeling authoritative for the day.

Usually my taste are dark colors on the outside like a jacket or hoodie compliment with a light color pants or shorts and a sport sneakers. Most important i need to feel comfortable & airy as i live in area near the equator.

Below are some of the items that fit the above description and you may give you ideas on your fashion route if you choose the street executive for that particular day.

Here is a list of items which are in our collection as well:

Shirt & Shorts combo:

Set Shirt And Shorts Pink Grey Black Small Stripe V - Full Suit              Stripe Shirts And Short Pants Korea Style Two Piece - Full Suit

Classic example of casual & executive. You look behind a webcam during a live online interview.

Shirt & Pants combo:

New Winter Hooded Zipper Casual Suit - Full Suit            Spring Summer Vintage Hip Hop Contrast Square Shape Mens Suit - Full Suit

 Executive & casual with a sporty feel. Outfits that we can go anywhere all day at the bar or in the library & down to watching a game at a stadium. Material will have to be a consideration but most this kinds of outfits cater more to the airy & light type, examples are cotton & polyester.


 Casual Shoes Slip On High Quality Breathable Shoes - Shoes          Canvas Street Vintage Retro Tooling Boots - Shoes

Finally shoes! I love the way if you pick the right shoes they utterly gives an overall expression how how other people judge your dress sense.

Even though any type of shoes, sneakers, loafers can suit an outfit, picking the right one for that executive casual style is not really easy. Choose the wrong one may stick out like bad hair day, worse thing is you do not even know it till one of your good friends tells you.

Remember simple & plain is the key. Like the ones in the above pictures even if they are bright colors. 

Avoid shoes like this even if its halloween.


 Have fun choosing your style and as always express your individuality.